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New? Cobra Air Intakes

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I found these Cobra Air Intakes


All the sites that I saw them said they were out of stock. Is this a new intake system from Cobra? I've never seen them before. If anyone has one of these intakes I would like to hear what they think of them. I'm kinda digging the Black swept model.
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You can use it with the l&m adaptor ;-)

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Its pricey but if you go this route you open up the whole world of HD 3 bolt options which is a pretty freaken big world!! This is one of those cases where a lot of Harleys looking the same and using the same part is a win for us :)

For now I'm holding off(other stuff to change anyway) but will probably go down this road eventually unless the front pulley mod gives me what I need. I sort of doubt that since the pulley will probably be mostly torque and not HP
If I keep the OEM one I have to start looking into ways to customize it since right now it isn't rocking my world. Maybe drop it off at Patrice's painter for something cool...
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