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New Cobra's installed!

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These are a little louder than I anticipated but that's fine, I like it loud!! :thumb:

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Hey guys thanks for the comments! I will do a sound clip real soon! :) 11Stryker that is my bike on the corner for sure, at my friends house! I saw your shop lights on kinda late the other night and almost stopped by! I'll be around for sure!!! Good thing there's an "edit" button, Forgot to mention my friend has a 2010 Honda Fury 1300 and he has the Cobra Swept on his bike, I like the sound but the straight pipes are just a little louder yet...
Thanks 1304cc! after riding 2300 miles with OEM exhaust, Cracking open the throttle is a whole new experience! :nod: :thumb:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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