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New grips size question

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I need some help.
I am looking to purchase new grips on J&P Cycles web site and its asking if I want a 7/8" or 1" size not sure what I need. the price for these are 75$ for Kuryakyn Black ISO Grips is this a good price?

thanks for your help
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They are 1 INCH ... and Denniskirk has them for $59... Kuryakyn Part #6345
Yep, and I bought them for my bike and they should be at my house Thursday. Thank you for the heads up.

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I installed my iso grips with the spacer on the clutch side. Nothing on the throttle side. Don't need anything on the throttle side just in case the spacer might make the throttle stick on you. That might turn into a bad day. But you can adjust the throttle cable tension to your liking. Just make sure the throttle snaps back into place where it should be. Or yet again another bad day.

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