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New luggage

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Still waiting for proper bolt kit from Ez brackets so couldnt use mustang bags on trip to Algonquin. Picked up a large tailbag set, which worked great. Top piece holds 2 rainsuits, clothes for 2 day excursion in main section andmaps, camera, water etc in the small side units. Once I get the saddlebags mounted, I'll have enough room for a long tour.


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Still havent mounted the bags as waiting for pipes. Hopefully will put on this weekend. Waiting was smart as new pipes much lower so can mount bags in better spot.

Cruise - I have the Kuryakin throttle lock. It doesnt work as well as hoped. Hard to get the sweet spot where it wont stick when off and yet not gradually lose speed at highway vibration speeds.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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