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Allo chaps. I recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting on a whole fleet of 2012 Strykers at a yamaha dealer near fort bragg, nc. Needless to say i am just blown away at the beauty of this machine and what feels like excellent craftsmanship. I currently ride a 2003 100th anniversary sportster 1200 with a screamin eagle II kit. I admit i have grown quite fond of the real-deal harley sound... but i'll be selling the beast before long to set myself up for my next bike purchase.

There are many great contenders out there. Vulcans, sportsters, used softails, used vmax's, (i've ruled honda out completely at this point) and so on. But the Stryker really is a one of a kind in my eyes. They do what, upper 60's in horsepower? For a ~650lb bike it should be a good show eh?

So my question. Is this bike REALLY enough bike to pull a guy away from Harley Davidson? They both seem to be great products with excellent fit and finish with tons of features. Have any of you guys made the switch? What did you like best about your Stryker compared to your harley? What do you dislike most about your Stryker? I'll be the first to raise my hand and admit my sportster occasionally has electrical hiccups, for instance.

tl;dr What do you guys like most about your strykers? What do you like least about them? How do you stack them up against Sportster 1200's (if you've ridden both) ?

Thanks guys. Awesome forum overall i might add. :)
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TheDarkFox said:
Completely voluntary question of course, but if anyone would like to disclose what you *may have* paid for yours it would help give me an idea of what to realistically expect to pay. Thanks guys!
Check out this thread for your answer

$11,240 (Impact Blue)
$11,240 (Reddish Copper)
$10,990 (Raven)

$11,340 (Reddish Copper) Available from September 2011
$11,340 (Candy Red) Available from September 2011
$11,090 (Raven) Available from September 2011
Thanks for that link. The dealer i was considering doing business with had their whole fleet marked at $8,900. Which from what i see is a good deal. That tells me that their invoice price must be a good bit lower than that however. I reckon my first offer will be 8 flat and we'll see from there! :)
If you are honestly thinking of go for it soon the dealer by where I live jumped the price of a Raider I was drooling over, up 2 grand now that it's nice out
Good point. Hopefully i'll still have a strong position about a month from now when i'm ready to buy. eek.
IowaStryker said:
I just picked up my Stryker last week, and it's awesome. I've ridden a number of bikes, and this one is just right. Performance wise, it is not the fastest around, but it has enough get up and go to satisfy anyone.
I ride with mostly Harley Davidson riders, most compalain about Harleys motor mounts at iddle, it feels and looks the the motor is going to jump out of the frame. Also Harley Davidson stands for Hundreds of Dollars. If you plan on doing mods on a Harley. plan on spending some cash.

What I like about the stryker is that parts are much cheaper, pegs, floorboards, exhaust, seats, all not too bad on price. I have a 2011 raven Stryker. the Stock pipes sounded horrible, like a weed whipper, I put on Cobra black Swept pipes and now it sounds like a HD, Very nice. $615.00. My Passenger wanted a more comftorable seat so I bought a mustang seat with a driver back rest and a wide pillion pad for my passenger. $621.00 total. and now it feels like im riding down the road in a lazy boy. I can ride from 8 in the morning until 10 at night comftorably. so I bought my Stryker for $11,800 out the door and added 1,300 in mods you can't get this in the Harley world. plus you can turn this into a custom chopper or a bagger completely versatile.
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welcome from TEXAS 8)
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