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I'm looking at getting a cruiser to replace the Honda Shadow 750 I sold last year. I've been looking at the Victory Vegas 8-ball, VTX1300C and the Stryker.

The Stryker seems to be the best deal for a new bike and I am seriously thinking of buying one soon. My question how much is offered for the Stryker, it has only been out a few years and the parts seem to be really high.

I have found the pacific customs sight while searching for a lowering kit b/c i will definitely need the slam kit and i don't plan on running anything bigger than a 210 for awhile. I can reach the ground on it stock but i prefer to be really low, but as far as seats where besides mustang could i find one. Would like a low profile solo with a backrest.

Also what kind of prices have you been seeing, the dealer told me $9799 + ttl yesterday but I'm hoping for under 9500 otd for a 11' model and It seems it is very hard to find a Raven model still in stock....11' or 12'

Only thing I have to do is get a quote on insurance my Shadow was a 99 model and full coverage was only $30 a month. Hoping a 11' or 12' Stryker doesn't jump it up over $100 like I'm thinking.
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Check around, I'm pretty sure that seat comes in a version that accepts backrests
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