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I'm looking at getting a cruiser to replace the Honda Shadow 750 I sold last year. I've been looking at the Victory Vegas 8-ball, VTX1300C and the Stryker.

The Stryker seems to be the best deal for a new bike and I am seriously thinking of buying one soon. My question how much is offered for the Stryker, it has only been out a few years and the parts seem to be really high.

I have found the pacific customs sight while searching for a lowering kit b/c i will definitely need the slam kit and i don't plan on running anything bigger than a 210 for awhile. I can reach the ground on it stock but i prefer to be really low, but as far as seats where besides mustang could i find one. Would like a low profile solo with a backrest.

Also what kind of prices have you been seeing, the dealer told me $9799 + ttl yesterday but I'm hoping for under 9500 otd for a 11' model and It seems it is very hard to find a Raven model still in stock....11' or 12'

Only thing I have to do is get a quote on insurance my Shadow was a 99 model and full coverage was only $30 a month. Hoping a 11' or 12' Stryker doesn't jump it up over $100 like I'm thinking.
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The PU Low Profileseats don't accept backrests. This is the one that does.

Part number for backrest is in the description.
Don't know how well it would work out as far a bottoming and rubbing but you could do a 1.5" drop from the L&M spring plus 2.25" from the PCS links to drop the bike 3.75in total. You may not be under 22in with a seat with a backrest. But it should be close.
If you don't want the backrest you can drop the seat height another 1.5in with the L&M seat.
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