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New member-front brake issue

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I got a 2011 Stryker and have an issue with the front brakes. It needs to push very hard to start braking. As I have heard Strykers don't have the best front brakes. All parts are stock (master cylinder, hose, brake caliper)

Please advise what is the solution

Thanks in advance
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Welcome! It sounds as if either master cylinder needs rebuilt and or new brake line installed. Also remember we only have one front rotor and single piston so it is going to take a lot to slow it. I use back and front together normally for heavy braking and front for city block to block stop sign traffic.
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Hello, just joined the forum and haven't picked up a Stryker yet but have looked at and ridden a few. I live in Tulsa, OK, have a 16 Vmax and just sold my 14 Raider a few months ago. Ready to jump on the Stryker band wagon, I like the 16's since they are the same Galaxy Blue as my Max and the Raider was but looking at all options. Ride Safe!!!


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I don't have a problem using the front brake... works as well as any cruiser single caliper front brake I've had.

Check to see how old the brake fluid is, whether it needs changing.
Could be the master cylinder needs replacing or rebuilding as preacherman mentioned

Possible also that you have a system air bubble. Do you have to pump the brake to make it work?
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