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New member - question about mount for saddle bags and sissy bar

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Greetings from Denmark. My ride is a 2016 Stryker that I got brand new from the official Yamaha dealer here in Copenhagen. I bought it with a pair of Hepco & Becker saddle bags (for what I believe is called C Bow mount) and an original Yamaha sissy bar. The dealer fixed a set of mounts/brackets for mounting saddle bags and the detachable sissy bar. See pictures
Now my friend also bought a 2016 Stryker and he got hold of and identical set of saddle bags and a sissy bar, too. The only thing he doesn’t have is the right mounts or brackets or whatever they‘re called to mount the bags and sissy bar to his new bike…
The dealer where I bought my bike and who made the brackets say that the parts they used are no longer available, at least here in Denmark. So i am posting a few pics hoping that someone in here might know where to look for aftermarket parts online, or who might have had a similar challenge and found a solution.
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IF you can't get parts for the mounts from the dealer check around your area for a machinist. Bring them the pieces from your bike that you need made. Nothing there looks to complicated and I'm sure they could recreate it easily.
Welcome here!

I second that. Much easier to find a local metal shop to make you what you need. I have had good success finding local retired guys who have a lathe/mill in their garage and have built bike parts for me for a case of beer :cool:
Thanks a bunch - much appreciated 👍🏼 I'll try that! Have a great summer!
Welcome here

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