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New mods ordered

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New mods with pics

Just ordered my rear fender rack and parts unlimited solo low rider seat. Also ordered my air intake yesterday, got the SS Custom Cycle Chopper series with the black Iron Cross cover.

Two things I'm looking to get ordered today are my grips and a set of mirrors.

Aren't our grips just like the V-Stars and just plain 1" grips? Or do we need a special type of grip for these bikes, haven't taken mine off yet to look.

Looking at these or the Avon ones with spikes.

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10-4 just ordered the ones in my link

Think that's about enough parts for this month lol, so far have on order an Air Intake, Kuryakn Grips, parts unlimited solo low rider, rear fender rack (black) and still need some new gloves and a jacket.
I've been debating getting it since late last year. Finally bit the bullet and ordered the mods I've been wanting all winter. Got the rear fender rack to plug the bolt holes too. Hope it is all delivered in the next week or two. Only thing I didn't order was a set of mirrors.
Well noticed today my belt had a small fray on it and so I tried adjusting the belt wnd couldn't seem to get it. Ended up pillimg my side mount plate off and tryimg to adjust it since the plate kept moving when I tightened axle.

So pulled license plate and mounted to rear foot pegs and took the bile to dealer to adjust belt....qtd $35 and should have it back in the am. Said the small fray shouldnt cause any problems it was very small.

So far rear rack is the only part to come in, headlight and black fender stay should be in today and air intake and grips in monday.....then seat sometime in the next 2 weeks.


Fender stays, headlight, grips and light bracket all came in today. Air intake will be in Monday and seat will be in Thursday.

Yep will be coming next weekend along with thoughts on seat. Heres the rack before it came off and the bkke went in to the dealer.
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Can't win for losing, I cross threaded the **** nut and they had to cut it off. Now I need a new bolt and nut, 275$ installed. Was going to do it myself but I don't wamt to screw amything elsenip...
LOVE this Air Intake, it seems to be really heavy duty from the feel of it. Looks like the adapter is made of aluminum there is a cardboard gasket that goes with it and the iron cross, black plate are aluminum the mesh if just some cheap metal mesh but looks good too.

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I'm digging that air intake as well. Where did you get it?

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SS Custom Cycles, they have about 10-15 different intakes for the stryker, the air intakes come with the adapter unlike others and this one was only $190 shipped
The rack looks great against the red paint. I wish I could go solo on the seat but even though my wife rides her own, she still likes to crawl on the back of mine sometimes.
Thx, getting bike out of the shop tomorrow and will be installing all my parts Saturday.

Will put up some new pics when i get it mostly done, kind of worried about the headlight don't know if i can cut off all the excess wires or if i should put them under the tank like a lot of other people.
Got it out of the shop today from getting a new axle and nut then having the belt adjusted, now i got the creaking sound from belt when I'm rolling slow but they said its normal with a correct adjustment so I'm sticking with it.

Have got everything installed but the headlight and new passenger foot peg plate mount.

New rear fender rack, parts unlimited solo seat with flame stitching, black fender stays, kurykan grips, SS custom cycles air intake. Installed every last piece of this in around an hour.

Thx, usmarinedelta for the fender stays and the headlight.

A question I have on the headlight is how do we get our headlight off. I see the two bolts that hold the bracket on but the bolts holding the headlight to the bracket don't have any edges they are smooth.
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Yea someone else already told me but was still too late had already ordered the others. Just going to order the stilettos for them.
Not going to use the headlight it is pretty tiny on the bike, everything else is installed. Next upgrades will likely be foot pegs, mirrors, front turn signals and maybe a batwing.

Looking for front turn signals like this....


Found a fit....

My thoughts. ... lose the rear brake dust cover, the 2nd choice for the front turn signal. What about the rear brake light? CustomLED with integrated turn signal or some have the Kawasaki brake light.

I like the low seat, I have the parts unlimited solo seat but its not the low version, I think the low version sits 1/2" to 1" lower.

Bike looks good

Already have an integrated brake light, would remove dust cover but im not jacking with that axle again....just paid 300$ for a mistake I made with it. Can have it taken off when I get my 240 put on.
No need to remove the wheel.loosen the screws on the cover a bit, shim it and use a cutoff wheel and go to town.:D there used to be an how on this.

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My luck I would cut into the disc and have to spend another 300,

Cross threaded the axle bolt the last spin of the cheetah pipe and they had to cut the axle out and replace it.
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