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New owner

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Hey guys proud new owner of a stryker.. The dealer told me to get about 600 miles before I change the exhaust on it so I have a week or so to decide what I want... I was looking at the rush racing black pipes, maybe cobra air intake and power commander.

Anyone have a suggestion for a good setup? I want it to sound mean but don't want anything bleeding eardrums loud
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Thanks, ya they said its not required but they say it may be better for the engine to break in stock without performance mods
Thanks, ya I like the cobra and I was also looking at the v&h big radius but I don't think they make black anymore
Thanks guys, so how is the sound on the slip on vs the full swept system?
Thanks guys, as of now I am thinking the Cobra autotuner, Cobra air cleaner. and either cobra swept, V&H big radius, or Rush racing exhaust.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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