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New ride - Flat rear - any suggestions?

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Hey all,
Picked up a 2011 Raven Stryker a few weeks ago, but I've only been able to get out on it a few times.
So far, I love it (everyone who rides it loves it).

I knew it needed a rear tire in the near future when I bought it, but I wanted to do some tire research first.

Last week, I arrived at my brother's house for a ride, and we noticed the rear was real low on air.
We pumped it up and it seemed to hold, rode and all seemed good. I was leaving the bike there for a week or so, but he called me today to say that the rear was dead.

I've been looking at all the tire warehouses for a good all-weather set (Bridgestone G852's on there right now), but thought I'd drop by here and get some reviews from actual Stryker riders. I stressed all-weather because I am a rain magnet. I also like to ride on the OBX of NC, where the weather is unpredictable and there is no place to hide.

I'm going to keep reading reviews, but now I must act fast if I'm going to order and get 'em mounted before the weekend. Not too worried about the price so much, just looking for a good tire for the Stryker.

Edit: I'm sorta leaning towards the Metzler ME880 (120/70-21 F & 210/40-18 R). $390 for the pair.

Thanks, Steve
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Dont know if theres really an "all season" type of tire for these bike. But try the Search feature of this forum there's alot of info on tires. Even info on going dark side (using a car tire on a MC)
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