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Crashed my V Star 1100 about six weeks back and got enough out of the insurance to get a new 2011 copper Stryker. Got the bike about three weeks ago and been lurking around here ever since.

Work so far:
- removed badges and stickers
- Kury black iso grips
- chopped off rear fender: black laydown license bracket with LED license frame
- replaced rear turn signals with small chrome signals off the 1100
- cleaned up windshield off the 1100 and mounted it
- plastidip fender struts and speedo

Soon to come:
- pipes
- fuel processor
- air cleaner (already have the parts - waiting on the fuel processor)
- front turn signals replacement off the 1100
- 5 inch forward controls

I will have to start a build thread...


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You're a tad north of LA, huh? Guess what, I'm a tad north of a tad north of LA! In Lancaster. Though I'm hoping to ditch this awful state once and for all soon-ish.

I went to COC and lived in some condos by the Costco, a lifetime ago.
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