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New Stryker: First Post

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New to this forum. I have been building turbo Subarus for the last 7 years. After my last engine build, I decided to get out of the cars and get back in motorcycles.

After deciding that I'm getting to old for crotch rockets, and a building desire to take some longer trips, I started my search for a suitable cruiser.

I was initally looking into a warrior, but settled on the stryker because its better suited for me around town and I can still make trips.

I've only had it for a couple of months, but more mods to come.

Bullet fairing
Sissy bar
Drilled muffler

To come soon:
Cobra sweeps exhaust
Air intake
Programmer and tune
Pyle speaker system

Wish list:
Low and mean fender
Low and mean radiator cover
more comfortable seat for long trips

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Wlecome from Central Florida!! :)
Welcome from Portland OR. Nice choice to get back into the wonderful world of motorcycling. I still haven't left the crotch rocket world but the Stryker is my favorite bike of all time & I'm been riding over 40 years.
Well, had something infortunate happen. I was backing out of my driveway and when I cut the wheel, my foot slipped on pinestraw and I dumped her. Scratched the foot pegs and shiftet and the mirror. Luckily, I guess, it was the left hand side. Guess aftermarket mirrors and pegs are in my future also.

Ps... making sure I keep my drive blown off.
Just as long as you are ok!!! Footpegs and mirrors can be replaced easily.... torn acl's are a bit&$ to heal. :)
Thanks, nothing hurt but my pride. Once it was down, I jumped ship.
Welcome. They are a great looking bike no? I always get compliments on mine, even from some of the harly lovers.
Set off on my first cruise with this bike Saturday.
I was hoping my Pyle audio system would be in before hand, bur looks like it will be in Monday.

Things to note: Definitely need a more comfortable seat, if not for me, for my wife. I also need a loudee exhaust after riding next to my friend with vance and hines big radius pipes for 7 hrs.

Left at 11am and rode down to Panama City Beach. Then we just rode the coast for a couple of hours and turned around and came back.

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Its all good visualsinz, break your bike in stock be sure on what you want before you order it. Take your time and do it right.
Break in is conpleted with about 1100 miles currently. Thinking about the v&h staggered slash cut in black and probably the mustang 2 piece touring seat with detachable backrest.
Ps, my grammar is usually better, but I've been posting from my phone.
Mounted up my Pyle speaker system yesterday and tested it out on the way to work.
With 2 bandanas, a neoprene mask, and ear pads over my ears, I could still plainly hear it at 60 mph.
I think the fact that it is under the bullet fairing and uses that to reflect the sound straight to me and block wind noise helps.

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welcome from TEXAS
Congrats on the yamahahahahaha. Ex 636 and r6 rider
welcome to the forum from Buffalo NY & enjoy your Stryker
Got my cobra swept exhaust in last night at 8:30pm fedex. Put them on and started the bike up to check for leaks. Everything seems good. I will take it for a ride tonight and post updated pics.

Mods list to date:
MS Bullet Fairing
OEM Short Backrest
XGlow 60 LED Accent Kit (Red and White)
Pyle PLMCA61 Speaker kit with PLMCA95 Speakers
Cobra Swept Exhaust
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