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New Stryker: First Post

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New to this forum. I have been building turbo Subarus for the last 7 years. After my last engine build, I decided to get out of the cars and get back in motorcycles.

After deciding that I'm getting to old for crotch rockets, and a building desire to take some longer trips, I started my search for a suitable cruiser.

I was initally looking into a warrior, but settled on the stryker because its better suited for me around town and I can still make trips.

I've only had it for a couple of months, but more mods to come.

Bullet fairing
Sissy bar
Drilled muffler

To come soon:
Cobra sweeps exhaust
Air intake
Programmer and tune
Pyle speaker system

Wish list:
Low and mean fender
Low and mean radiator cover
more comfortable seat for long trips

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Love my Stryker

I am totally in love with my new Stryker! Awesome bike, classy chopper style and lots of power, but not over done. I have bought some throw-over bags for now, and a windshield, although after seeing your fairing I love that! Nice look! I also want a sissy bar but that is another 2 or 3 hundred! Need to slow down the spending and just ride! :)
Rode from Dothan to mnt Cheehaw, back through Talledega, the to Leeds. Going to the Barbour museum. Guy has over 1500 motorcycle I think.

The mountain rodes were pretty intense.
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Cool, but missing a Stryker in those Pics.
Barbour motorsports park is very cool, enjoy
Yea, I was just getting the scenery. In hindsight, I wish I would have. Been fun spending time with my grgrandfather though.
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