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New Stryker in Colorado

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Just found this forum after having purchased my Raven Stryker 2 weeks ago. I traded in my '05 vstar 1100 classic for it, and am so far beyond happy. I am loving the extra power that this bike has, and that was one of my reasons for wanting a new bike. My mods will probably be few and far between. When I bought the vstar I was unmarried and no kids so I modded like crazy, now a wife and four small children means not much $$ for modding. Oh well, love the bike as is. I did add the quick release short backrest, and will need some saddlebags soon, but hope to find some that are easy on and off. Hoping to learn from others on here, as well as adding my own thoughts and ideas.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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