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New Stryker owner as of Yesterday!

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Hey all! New forum member and now owner of a (used) 2014 Stryker 1300. This is also a salvage bike, so it's a project i'd hope to get goin by spring. Coming from supersport bikes (Honda cbr600 and 1krr's). Getting too old to lay down in curves and twisties, so it's time to just cruise around. In SE Ohio, so instead of ripping up the curves and hills i'll just cruise around and enjoy the scenery :)

Anyhow, I'm looking to mod out the bike (yep, less than 24hrs after getting it). Initially i'm after the following:
-air intake
-led headlight
-front turn signals. It didn't come with any (and do I HAVE to remove the handlebars etc to install)
-fender eliminator?
-axle nut plate holder (possibly)
-led kit?
-wireless security/keyfob system
-possible battery (partial to Optima)
-Looking to change out the fuel tank (see ding) or a way to remove it and not fill it and then repaint it.
I'm also looking to replace the chrome covers on the engine. The passenger side has a bit of cosmetic dmg to it, so I may as well replace all of the pieces including the top of the heads.
Need to be pointed in the direction of a wiring diagram that I might utilize so I can chase wires for the afore mentioned lack of turn signals.
One of my main questions, is the pipes. According to the pic, are these pipes these stock on the Stryker? Again, literally got the bike 12hrs ago, so haven't started any research on it yet. I don't mind them, and will most likely keep them. Just trying to get a grasp of what I have so far.

Anyhow, I went in knowing this would be a project (I need a hobby aside from building pc's), so I figure i'd do something different. Any and all suggestions would be great. Pics would be even better or links to pics. Thanks in advance and see ya out there!
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PS: No idea if its been tuned or anything. There any telltale signs for that? And the only thing I "felt" when I rode it briefly, was that in 1st gear it was a tad sluggish? It was just a quickie ride, never made it to 3rd gear, and a cold one. I read that the weather can contribute to some sluggish shifting (it's about 40°F).
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Don't need to remove anything to put the blinkers, if the wires are in place...
Gas tank seems repairable without filling I think.
Don't understood what you want to do with the fenders:rolleyes:
Below motor covers: I think there are (or were) something in alu/chrome for the Xvs 1300 midnight star -same motor-, I just removed mine, for the above covers, no options at all in the market, I made my covers...:)
Seem a pair of swept cobra pipes for the stryker, not OEM.
Slugginess in first gears is just original "character", more than actual HD's...:LOL:, and a signal of not flashed ECU, nor whatever tuned programmer (all visible below the seat at right, Cobra tuner's place), the O2 disconnected maybe is a clue not an avidence, probably had one in the past.., but your filter is OEM..

Aall is HERE!
I was asking about a rear fender eliminator kit. If there's one out there or not. Sure the license plate holder is nice and all, but i'm looking for a minimilist view from the backside and still have a brake/turnsignal setup.
Not as a kit but is possible to adapt one ( chopping part/all the subframe). I adapted a fiberglass one, with 2/1 rear blinkers:
Couldn't tell ya. I got the bike like it's shown. This is also my first cruiser, been running honda cbr's til now.
Hi, that tubes aren't factory' ones, maybe aftermarket designed for the midnight star or DIY; I have a similar ones.
Probably your blinker relay will not work properly..
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