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Nice ride yesterday

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Did a nice little ride yesterday with some coworkers and fellow forum member Kevhill85. We did about 170 miles and had a good time! Here’s the only picture I took while stopping to fuel up…my bike is on the right and that’s Kevin’s on the left.

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we had a beautiful day here in Atlanta yesterday, hit 70 in the burbs, i took the Victory to the office and did a little early work and put about 125 on it and got home and rolled the Stryker out, gave her a nice bath and squeezed in a quick 100 before sundown, time changes in 2 weeks, can't wait
That's awesome you all got to ride in your nice weather. Its in the 30's here in Missouri. I have even better news, is that is suppose to snow any where from 10-15 inches of snow starting tonight and into Tuesday. I will try to post some pictures of my sad day some time tomorrow.
I've got a friend there in KC, she is miserable with all the snow y'all have had, she works from home and usually takes a couple breaks a day for a walk, said it's just do dam nasty out, hasn't left her house in 2 weeks
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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