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Nice ride yesterday

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Did a nice little ride yesterday with some coworkers and fellow forum member Kevhill85. We did about 170 miles and had a good time! Here’s the only picture I took while stopping to fuel up…my bike is on the right and that’s Kevin’s on the left.

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I love Texas motorcycle weather...well except for when its 108 during the summer!
Ok, this is what it looked like out the window at work. The view is Millenium Park and the Bean looked like a cracked egg. I zoomed in on the Bean.
cool! My buddy was a QB for Da Bears and i remember checking this park out when i was visiting him.
Rode from Casper Wy. to Colorado Springs three weeks ago during a short warm stretch. It was a great ride, but awoke to snow the next morning. Fortunately I was able to drive my wifes jeep home but had to leave the bike in Colorado. Headed down next week to pick it up. Gotta put the new Cobra pipes on before the real spring riding gets here. I hate winter!
wow man that sucks!
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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