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Nice ride yesterday

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Did a nice little ride yesterday with some coworkers and fellow forum member Kevhill85. We did about 170 miles and had a good time! Here’s the only picture I took while stopping to fuel up…my bike is on the right and that’s Kevin’s on the left.

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That's awesome you all got to ride in your nice weather. Its in the 30's here in Missouri. I have even better news, is that is suppose to snow any where from 10-15 inches of snow starting tonight and into Tuesday. I will try to post some pictures of my sad day some time tomorrow.
here's the snow that just arrived

Snow arrived Monday around 3pm its now Tuesday morning the snow is still coming down just not as hard or as fast.
Leaving for Hawaii on Thursday.

Anyone else dealing with this newest snow storm?????

Pictures from the front porch


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Calling for 4-7 inches of snow today. :( Looking out my work window now, here in Chicago, it looks like a white out. Its going to be a mess when I get back home to the train station. Clean the car and then get home. :frown: I hate winter --- bring on spring......please.......
That storm must be heading east as they are calling for freezing rain and snow showers for the poconos tonight into tomorrow.

Dang, I need some good weather to get my new 240 mounted.
I know how you feel, my bike has been in the shop since December and its still there. There's been 3 opportunities to get my bike delivered but the good ol winter snow or ice has bit me in the ass all 3 times and now just got hit with snow again yesterday and today.
Just arrived a hour ago in kona Hawaii (the big island), my butt hurts from the long ass flight. The true kicker is........ it's 82 degrees and no snow. Rented a mustang convertible for the week.
Plans are parasailing, whale watch, swim with sharks and other things....... I have a feeling its going to hurt the wallet.
Well I'm in Hawaii its 81 with a cool ocean breeze, haven't done anything to exciting yet beside eat breakfast next to the ocean and shop (the lady's call.... out voted). Tonight we go swim with the manities and dinner some where.
Stopped by the Harley shop, had some hotties working in there and wanted to rent a motorcycle to ride to the volcanoes but to $$$ for me. They had some nice shirts though, contemplating about buying one. Showed the my Stryker and the liked it, well I showed the ladies anyways.
I'll keep you all updated. 34 degrees in Missouri with some snow...
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