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Night riding, Kevlar jeans, tire calibration

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Is there a brighter/better headlight available... For those dusk/dawn moments?

Kevlar jeans: are they worth the price? Any good or affordable ones in the US? Here they seem to average 3-400$

Since I put my 240 tire on, my speedometer seems to be out a whopping 20kms!!

Thx for any input :)
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StrykenShane said:
lots of better headlights, many have installed the phillips motovision bulb and are happy, i have one from PIAA that is much brighter, Kevlar jeans? I don't see the value, not sure how the Km's work out against Mpk but since i installed my 250 my speedo is off about 8 mph
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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