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Night riding, Kevlar jeans, tire calibration

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Is there a brighter/better headlight available... For those dusk/dawn moments?

Kevlar jeans: are they worth the price? Any good or affordable ones in the US? Here they seem to average 3-400$

Since I put my 240 tire on, my speedometer seems to be out a whopping 20kms!!

Thx for any input :)
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I've got the Phillips light......definitely better than stock, not a big night rider, until fall....

Pulled down some Red Route Jeans cheap on clearance at Cycle gear, I've got 2 pair....not only kevlar, but also armor in the knees and pockets for hips, so I bought the hip protectors. Very comfy....They only had 1 size too large for me, but works out well, I just wear the kevlar jeans over my normal jeans. Works out well for my daily commute, just take off the kevlar ones once I get to work
I think Red Route went out of business though.....

Installed the 240......fixed the speedo issues for the most part....but now that the speedo matches actual speed, my gas mileage is pretty bad.....
With the stocker tire, was about 6mph off, so I think I'm getting about 6mpg worse mileage....
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