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Sorry for the delay guys.

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strykenshane's Garage Atch

Nominate Post for Newsletter
Nominations Open for February 2013 Stryker of the Month
Nominations are open now through February the 20th and then the voting polls will open (unless the moderators decide to open it sooner). We need at least three nominees and probably no more than five.

****Also, Tejas Motorsports is now sponsoring Stryker of the The Month with a $50.00 gift card. ****

In order to be included in the Stryker of the Month competition you must meet the following criteria:

•Two people must nominate your bike
•You can not nominate yourself
•Nominees must be a registered member of the site
•Nominess must have pictures of their bike in the gallery
•Only one nomination is required to be included for the current month's competition
•1 complete US calendar year must have passed since your last Stryker of the Month win (if applicable)
•There must be a significant change in your bike since the last win (if applicable)

ALL voters must have been registered in the prior month and must have 25 posts on the site in order for their vote to count (nominees are excluded from this rule and are allowed to vote as they see fit).

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Its rideable and basically done except for 1 green LED strip that needs replaced. So basically its done just not in my garage. I posted 2 YouTube videos of it finished basically.

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My birthday is next week , so I consider the nomination a birthday gift.. thank you!! going against custom paint jobs is tough though.. but anything could happen..

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