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Not afraid to let people know I got Yamaha Star Stryker

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Hey all- I really do get that alot of you want to have your own personal creation to set your bike apart from others and I have done the same thing. But I am proud that Yamaha made this bike and left all my factory insignia's on and even had graphics shop make up the Stryker Decals for my tank & rear fender. I still get lots of looks from other brand owners and they don't know who made it. Some finally see the Star side decals or the Yami decal on rear fender and figure it out, but there are alot of bikers that don't know what a Stryker is. Some think it's a name I put on to Honor the Stryker Military Tanks.
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Amen to that 11. I have had several Harleys and they are over rated and over priced. The Stryker rocks and it has character. I dont need an expensive decal on the side of the bike to make me feel better. Cant wait for the first HD owner to give me crap...or try.
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