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Number "47"

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Made some changes for spring, including the removal the floating rear fender I made last fall in order to go full bobber style. Also rewired the rear turn signals to integrate into the home made mud gaurd (which is the old fender lining cut, and flipped over - I am all about re-use).

Painted the wheels, changed the tank striping, added gold leaf numbers, the number plate, and completely removed the belt guard (from the casing) as well as cut those mounts off the swingarm.

We are welding up a new rear fender cap, and integrated mid size sissy bar. I will post some pics once that is done... when is dependent on how many of the those I mess up before I get it right... LOL.

- PCS 2.5" lowered suspension
- V&H Pipes
- Cobra Fi PowerPro
- Axle mouted plate and brake light
- Rear wheel disc cover delete


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Love the bobber style. Awesome wheels man!
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