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O2 connector model/type

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Hi guys! first, I`m new to this forum for the simple reason that I`m new to the Stryker world :)

I had lot of info here very usefull. As many other, the worst (and the only) aspect to the Stryker is the chunky on/off while slow crusing. I read a lot of think like Ivan flash, EJK, etc.... But I simply cannot afford them for now. On the other hand, I would really like to try the cheap mod which is the O2 mod by putting a resitor. The problem is I really don`t want to modify the oem sensor harness and I`m actively searching for the 2 connector (female and male) to build a small extension.

The question: Is someone know the connector type/model number that I could search for or better, where I can buy those connectors?

Thanks a lot!
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Another member just posted this link in another thread it may be able to help you. I wish I knew about this site before I cut and spliced a harness for my tail lights.

Motorcycle Connectors
HM090 !!!! I was searching this for soooo long :) Thanks a lot @ItchySTV

This is exactly what I don`t want to do.... cut oem harness!!
FYI, I did found cheap connector on aliexpress! Thanks a lot.

I ordered couple of them to be able to build couples of configuration with 825K, 1M and a capacitor. Hope it could fix most of the issue!
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