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O2 sensor? What if we just unplug it for the lean issues?

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First post here...had been running drilled stock pipes but just added V&H twin slash pipes and have a ejk tuner on the way. I put the pipes on and took it for a spin with the o2 sensor unplugged since I don't have the fuel programmer yet. I assume the ecu will default to a richer setting similar to the resistor mod for the o2 sensor...Or will it be too rich all over the rpm range? The test ride was only a few miles but seemed to run smoother with less chugging at low rpms in 1st/2nd gear and backfires on decel were not very bad at all. So just a thought for the stock owners looking to do the resistor mod...maybe just unplug it all together.:nod: Please chime in if this has been done, but my search turned up nothing. Maybe it will suck gas like crazy, but don't think so. I didn't ride the bike any more yet and will be a moot point when I get the controller as I have read the o2 sensor gets unplugged anyway.
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Does someone make a o2 sensor bypass wire harness to eliminate the whole thing.
doesnt that give an error code? Its there for a reason, if u disconnect it, it must change something in the ecu. I've been reading lots of o2 mod threads with the resistor but they are still leaving the sensor in the exhaust pipe. I want it gone completely without fuel or engine problems.
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