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Not good, thank God they were not dodging something heavier. I think there were several factors at work here. The fact this happened at dusk probably meant their distance vision was limited. Had this happened in broad daylight the riders may have been able to determine that these object were a lower threat. Maybe not, tough call based on the video. Another weird factor is the air dynamics of such a light object. Had a heavy object fallen out it probably would have bounced along better or close to the vehicle speed that was carrying it giving the riders a chance to respond. With Styrofoam it was probably an instant wall in front of them.

About 6 years ago I was following a pickup in my car at 5am on my way to work. It was black as night at that time. Without warning (I later discovered what it was) a 48” 4 tube commercial florescent light fixture flew out the truck bed. It was laying flat in the bed unsecured so I had no indication we has carrying anything as the tail gate was up. I was not following very closely so my head lights were not even on the truck. Without warning this object suddenly appeared before my lights like an instant wall as it landed directly in front of me on end. At freeway speeds I punched through that thing at it truly exploded. Debris went both over my hood and windshield as the large parts bounced under my car. I never had a chance to even tap my brakes it was that fast. Since there were no other vehicle in front of me expect his I chased him down with part of the box still pinned to my bumper and hood. Needless to say he was shocked when I flagged him down and he confirmed that he had three fixtures in the back and there were only two. This shipping label on the box stuck to my hood also match the company name on the truck so it really made it hard deny. I always think had I been on a bike it probably would have just cleanly nocked be of my bike or broke my neck.
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