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Here's something that still bugs me. When changing the oil I add 3.6 quarts with oil filter, which is the amount specified in the owners manual. Yet when I check the level in the sight window (I really hate that thing) it is about half way between the maximum and minimum lines. This is after I have run the engine for a few minutes and then allow a few minutes for the oil to settle and with the bike held level. I have a front wheel chock to hold the bike while I get on my belly and view the oil window. I have never experienced this with any other vehicle, car or motorcycle. When filled to the specified amount, the oil level on the dipstick always approximates the full line on the stick. While I recognize there is a variance in the amount of oil that can be used to safely operate an engine, the maximum oil level should coincide with the amount specified in the manual. What's going on here ? ???
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