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Hey guys and gals :)

So Im going to do an oil change. I have 3700 miles and I rather do it myself then pay the dealer $145
I bought valvoline 10w-50 but what filter do I use? How many liters of oil?
Do I buy anything else?

Thanks :)

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These filters will fit the V Star 1300. Listed in order of recommended preference based on the Motorcycle Oil Filter
Cross Reference.
Amsoil EAOM-103 (The only filter that filters to 15 microns absolute, 5 microns partially)
Amsoil EAOM-103C (Chrome)
Purolator PL14610 (3.25 in long - Can be found at PepBoys)
Purolator PL14612 (2.5 in long)
Mobil 1 M1-110 (3.25 in long - Can be found at PepBoys, however sometimes may need to ask an associate as it may
not be on the shelf)
Mobil 1 M1-108 (2.5 in long)
Bosch 3323 (3.25 in long)
K&N 303 This is spec'd for the XVZ Royal Star, Stratoliner, and Road Stars.My dealer provided this when asked for a
filter. It's great because of the 17mm nut on the end that allows removal with the same wrench used for draining the
oil. K& N 147 is the spec for the XVS1300 but the 303 is larger capacity.
WalMart SuperTech ST7317 (3.25 in long - Found at Wal-Mart and can be had for around $2. Easily the best value if
price is a concern.)
Purolator Premium L14612
Yamaha OEM 5DM-13440-00
Others not rated in above article:
Kawasaki 16097-0004
FRAM 6017A
EMGO 10-82220
Bosch 3300 (2.5 in long)
WIX 51358
NAPA Gold 1358
Purolator ML16817
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