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Oil light

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Completed an oil change this weekend which seemingly went well. Level is fine sitting cold and hot. No leaks. Riding is fine until hitting about 75mph at which point the oil light comes on. Right back off after dropping down to 60 or so. Used Yamalube 10w40. Temps here in the KC area were 60ish. Any ideas??
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I'd say your just a tad low budster. It happened to me, I learned to put the beer down and do it right! you just need a quagmire more oil.
Mine would do the exact same thing. Everything was fine at lower speeds and then when I hit 65 - 70, or accelerated hard it would come on briefly. I was well above the line and it still did it. I just put up over the top of the window.

I keep it up that high now. My air filter will get a little blowback residue, but I just clean it out more often.

Dealer told me they see it all the time
dude, there are people from other countries frontin on this site...what is with the loop back ip for location?

Yeah mine would turn on aobut 75-80 then turn off when I slowed down.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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