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Our SERR and Road Trip 2012

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Getting close now to our trip to the US..............
We leave in 18 days from the UK for Atlanta GA, and pick the bikes up in Brunswick GA soon after. There are 5 Raiders and 1 Stryker (mine). One of the Raiders is not coming on the long trip. He is going home after the Rally in MV.

Just a bit more information in case anyone wants to meet us on our 3.5 week roadtrip.

We do have a guy on the Stryker forum meeting us at Brunswick for a BBQ, which is real cool.

On Monday 30th July, we are meeting up at Elberton GA at the Shell Garage at 11am with Greenwood Raider, CharlieW & GaGator.
On Sunday 5th Aug, we are planning the spend the evening with Seventh Letter in Murfreesboro
On Friday 10th Aug, we are planning to attend a ride-out with Toxic & Tail Dragger
On Thurs 16th Aug, we are planning to meet Matt St.John on junc 380/54 at 11am for our ride to Roswell NM
On Sun 19th Aug, we are planning to take a ride out with BHodge, Mr.T, & Cbird and maybe others for our suggested ride to Pork Chops TX

If those above wish to confirm on this thread, then fine. Anyone wishing to PM me alternatively is also fine.

If anyone else wishes to meet up on any of the above days, please let me know, as you are all welcome.

Thanks for those putting themselves out for us.
Hope to see many others at the Rally in Maggie Valley.

When we pick the bikes up from Brunswick, we will ride and stop over in Augusta on the Monday night. Next day, we will meet GaGator, Greenwood, CharlieW, and maybe a couple more at Elberton, for the ride into Maggie Valley, arriving Tuesday afternoon.
(5 days at the Rally riding out with you guys)
After the Rally, we will ride with SeventhLetter & Kelly westbound to Nashville area for a stop-over, then we'll keep heading west until we arrive in Colorado Springs CO three days later. We will stop en-route in Jefferson City MO & Dodge City KS.
3 nights in Denver, and one of those days Randy (Toxic) is taking us out over the Rockies to Estes Park etc.
The next day, we'll be on the I70 over the Rockies to Grand Junction for a night, then taking the 128 to Moab. taking a ride around Arches Park, before stopping over in a hotel (Canyonlands) in Monticello.
Next day, Monument Valley before heading for Flagstaff. 2 nights there, one visiting Grand Canyon, maybe on the train from Williams, maybe on bikes, unsure at the moment which.
Head east towards New Mexico, meeting up with Matt St.John, who is leading us to Roswell. Then south to buy a "cowboy hat" in Texas. Stopping twice before Houston, one to attend a rodeo.
When in Houston, Mr.T is taking us out one of the days, and CBird & Brent are hoping to come along as well. 3 nights in Houston before dropping off bikes at port, before flying back to Blighty.

If anyone else along the route feels they may be able to meet up for a bit, let me know.
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Hey Jan, I just emailed Kev, hoping to treat you guys to lunch or dinner before your drive south to Macon, lots of great eating spots along the way, your route sure looks like one **** of an adventure!
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