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Paint codes for your bike

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For any one interested in finded your paint codes here is the link , for example my Raven has 3 codes body,frame&wheels.
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Is there a paint code for the engine color... id like to paint my chrome engine covers to match.
VHT Black Pearl is really close. I painted mine with it and it's hardly noticeable to be something that wasn't done at factory.
I have a 2012 Stryker and was looking at the paint codes but do not see one for my bike. I was told by a paint shop that it was Candy Red. Does this sound right? I need a touch up pen for a rock chip on my fuel tank. Thanks for any help.
The first post in this thread takes you to a website you can order the paint through
2012 colors listed on their site:
Black Metallic X (SMX) code 0903
Colorite top 5245

Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail 4 code 1232
Colorite top 5961 Colorite base 1961

Deep Red Metallic K (DRMK) code 0918
Colirite top 5253 Colorite base 1253
No matte silver for 2015 either. Hopefully they expand colors as the year goes on.
Check with Yamayates, he was able to get some paint for his matte gray bike. He did a GREAT job of repairing his fender. I would imagine the matte gray wouldn't be too much different between 2014 and 2015
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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