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Paint codes for your bike

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For any one interested in finded your paint codes here is the link , for example my Raven has 3 codes body,frame&wheels.
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You can also order touch up paint from them in a raddle can or however you want will work for any bike I just posted the stryker.
Natedog said:
The_Joker said:

So just so I'm clear, for the the Raven we'd order this version to match the tank and fenders (which could be used for the chin scoop)
Yamaha 0903 Black Metallic X (SMX)
SKU # : 5245
Vendor : ColorRite
Manufacturer : Yamaha
Manufacturer Code : 0903
I'm thinking if I order the Aerosol Complete Repair Package I should be able to easily paint the LM chin scoop and front fender that I don't have yet. (if that would be enough I don't know??? )
Thats the right base coat but you'll need a clear coat on top. Make sure to get the proper type. If you're shelling out the $$ for the matching base you might as well get they're clear coat as well. That way you can be sure it will work. On the chin scoop you'll will difinitly want to protect it from stone chips
Good call forgot all about clear coat
You forgot PVE. Thats the paint code for Go ManGo lol. ;D ;)
Opps I'm bad it's on the list now. ;D
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