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Paint codes for your bike

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For any one interested in finded your paint codes here is the link , for example my Raven has 3 codes body,frame&wheels.
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How much paint, base, primer, and clearcoat would be needed to do the front fender and radiator cover?
Wow thats not bad at all for both pieces.

Matched pretty good then I take it? What color do you have?

I got the blue and its got some metallic in it is my only concern.

I'll email some local body shops the pics of the fender and cover and the yamaha color code (#1177 vivid purplish blue cocktail #5, according to that site) and see if they are close to that.
Took it to a body shop. He tried to match the paint but it didn't look right so he ended up having to buy the colorite stuff.

Originally quoted me $200 total for both pieces, so that was $100 labor, $100 of his own paint.

But since he had to use colorite paint, the paint total was $260, plus his $100 labor. Ended up giving him $400 even for being so thorough.

He bought 1/2 a pint and had very little left over for touch up.

Also note that after I put installed it, with the bike on the stand leaning over I could see the unpainted surface on the inside of the fender so I used some of the touchup paint to finish that myself.

If the inside was done by him, he wouldn't have had enough to do it all and would need to get another 1/2 pint.
No idea what to expect out of the spray cans
1 - 5 of 56 Posts
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