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Parts Unlimited Passenger seat mounting

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For mounting a PU Passenger seat to the PU solo seat, the front of passenger seat screws down onto rear bracket for solo seat. Must first slide passenger seat into rear loop on rear fender.


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I just mounted the PU wide pillion to the PU solo seat... the pillion was easy to mount, but I had a heck of a time with the solo seat getting it to "latch" under that tab and then click and lock into place.

Did you have any difficulties?
I also had a difficult time with the solo seat. I don't have the pillion seat yet but am looking to get. Do you have a backrest? If so, which one. I have the short QR. Just wondering if it will work with that.
I had to add a couple of washers under the seat lock bracket to bring it "down" to make it a bit easier to lock... I couldn't get it lock down otherwise... it is still extremely snug! You would think for something that expensive that they would have come up with something better.

I've got the fixed tall backrest.... here is a pic looking down on the backrest and the wide pillion... fits nice. Though I think I remember the dealer saying it would probably not work with the short. Just the tall.


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The Parts Unlimited seat iv got, is pretty nice. the only position change I can tell is that I'm sitting up straighter... not forward, or higher... but I can tell that I'm not so "slouched" as on the OEM. Now the seat is new, so I've got to break it in, hoping it will soften up a bit and conform to my tush.
Now I thought it was just me. I have PU solo and the OEM fender rack. I thought it was the combination of the bolt heads and the rack from keeping the seat from latching. I used a pair of pliers to persuade the bracket into a slightly better position. I still have to use a little pressure to get it latched up but once its locked its on there solid.

Oh I hear ya! I almost thought about bending that dern bracket at a slight angle to just make it easier to slip in under there, but thought, I don't want to make it so it's loose either... but dang!

Like I said, its snugger than a bug in a rug, tighter than a virgin...
Don't get us wrong there Mikey... we really do like our PU seats... they are just a very snug fit....
Patrice - I did look at that one, it looks like it is about the same width and depth (thickness) of our OEM pillion. So, yes I think that should work for the short backrest just fine.
Ah man Mikey - sorry to hear your having all these problems.. frustrating as all helll!
Raoul - some of their seats are Low Profile and will lower your ride position... and some of their other seats are not low profile, just gotta be careful which one you choose. I will say that almost all of them are "wider" in the crotch / seat area... so that is another consideration.

I just say that because my wife is 5'4" and she could sit on the stock seat and place her feet flat down on the ground, but with my upgrade to my PU solo seat - its wider and thus moves her legs out more and she is no longer flat footed.
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