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Passenger seat mod from Roadliner/Stratoliner

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Well, I bought a Comfort Cruise Solo Seat and added a modified Comfort Cruise Passenger Seat for a Roadliner/Stratoliner. I did not take pictures as I went along because the mod was crazy and wasn't sure if I was going to end up just scrapping it. But finally made it work. The Stratoliner seat is 2-1/2" to long, so I had to pull back leather and do some major seat shortening mods. Took me 8 hours. This seat is extremely soft and cushiony & wide. My wife has little boney ass butt and was not liking the stock or custom cruise seat for the stryker on long rides. So this will be all worth it for her, but I would never recommend anyone else or myself to do this project again even though it did turn out near perfect. Yes it does fit well with the backrest, just got ride er back home and put the it on.
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Wow great job, my wife's complaining as well about the seat. (on the other hand, wifes always find something to complain about)

Hey question, where did you get those black thingies to cover the silver colored backrest hardware!!??
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