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PCS Lowering Connectors

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Since I could not find a good picture of these before buying, I thought it would
be a good idea to post before installing. Unlike other dog bones this design is
supposed to make it easier to lower between the 1 and 2.5 inch settings.


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Guys, be carefull lowering this all the way to the 2 1/4 drop. I have this kit and although i did not bottom my fender out i scuffed the bottom of my exhaust going up a hill that had a turn in it. I set it at the 1 inch mark now and it seems great right there, have not scraped a peg unless trying since. Perhaps after i change the exhaust I might try the 2 1/4 drop again as the bike looks and feels awesome that low. Oh, and switching betwee settings is a breeze and takes a matter of minutes.
With 2 people and a big bump would it bottom out ? Either with the 1 in or 2 in ?
With it in the 2 1/4 lowered position, I would be scared to put my wife on it with me. For that position, i would think you would do only solo riding. Bump it up an inch and a quarter for two up, it adjusts very quickly. Definately no concerns at all at one inch lowered level.

With the stock tire i dont think there is a concern about the tire bottoming on the fender in the 2 and a quarter position but the fender botoming on the upper chain guard that would be my concern, very little clearance to even try two up.
Peteystryker said:
U have the info on where u placed the order from? Thinking about buying a set..lower it 2 1/4...going down ;)
chubbleyum said:
Hey Bozz, did you try stiffening up the spring to keep it from rubbing on the uphill?
No I didn't, but i dont think that would have helped with the pipe as that was more an issue of steepness, tightness of turn and my speed. Stiffening may help for riding two up but why take the chance when you can easily adjust it for those two up occasions.

The reason I moved it to the 1 inch position is because I really enjoy rolling on the throttle in turns and twisties, It brings alot of enjoyment to me, at the 2 1/4 position you will be scraping pegs all day long if you ride like that. So for now the 1 inch position at least lets me flat foot in my sneakers for that quick trip to the quick mart. I am 5'7 and that one inch means the difference of being on the balls of my feet or flat footed. Oh, and I still get to roll on the throttle hard in the twisties and turn and not scrape, unless i push it of Course. ;)
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Thanks MC, I did not try two up in the lower position so i cannot say for sure it would bottom out, just looked to be very little room between the fender and the upper chain guard so I was very leary, and i also saw the picture that seydel2001 posted showing his fender hit the guard, not sure if seydel2001 was using the lowering links or not, Maybe he can chime in here.

MC when you ride two up, what would you say is the weight you are carrying on the bike between you and your passenger? and have you stiffened the shock?
Thanks MC, does the Stryker come at medium adjustment?
Well after hearing what MC had to say, I decided to lower mine back down to the 2 1/4 slot. Have now logged about 2 hours since lowering back down with absolutely no issues. Nicking my exhaust kinda scared me but i realized I was just going to fast for that hill. I Have now driven up that hill several times without incident. With me being 5'7" having it lowered two inches is like heaven. The bike really fits me like a glove now and the fender slammed down 2 inches just addes to that Bad*ss look. Really happy with this $49 dollar investment.
seydel2001 said:
I have this same Kit and Love it. The 2 1/4 drop is great. I'm ordering the Progressive spring from them also can't wait to get that. Stock is 750 and the Progressive spring starts at 825lb and get stiff to 1250lb.
Didn't i see a picture that you posted showing the Fender hit your upper belt guard seydel2001? Can you tell us about that?
seydel2001, Was the second to low setting the factory setting or you had softened it up prior?
seydel2001 said:
Stock is in the Middle I think 4.... i put it down 2 Second from the bottom

Bozzly said:
seydel2001, Was the second to low setting the factory setting or you had softened it up prior?
Thanks for all the valuable information seydel2001, It sure does help.
chubbleyum said:
wow. that PCS kit really changes the geometry and balance of the bike. Almost have to learn to ride it again. feels great though to be huggin the road and flat-footed at stops is great. def worth the hour install and 50$

The dynamic is definately changed. The bike leans over much easier now. First 2 or 3 rides i felt like i was weaving in the lane. I am loving this kit. Thanks PCS
L&M, When you did your testing, did you take into account making changes to the stiffness of the OEM Shock & Spring or was this only based on the original factory setting in the middle? If i read your statement correctly it sounds like the issue is if the shock compresses the full length of 10.25 then a 240 tire will hit the frame under the fender, but lets say a person weighs only 175 lbs and stiffens the stock shock & spring, I am thinking it would take jumping the grand canyon like evil knevil to compress that shock all the way to the 10.25 travel distance. Although, I dont know that for fact, I could be way off base here. Thanks
Thank you for your honest answer and opinion L&M
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