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PIAA Slim Line Sports Horn

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Based on another thread on this forum, I purchased a PIAA Slim Line Sports Horn. It came today and I was psyched because I really want to replace the whiny stock horn. I decided to plug it in before installing it to see how it sounds. I'm glad I did because it was underwhelming.

My wife thinks it's not as loud as the stock horn. I think they're about the same volume, but the PIAA isnt as high pitched. I'm not sure which would be more effective, but neither of them is loud enough the get the attention of some cell phone guy who is drifting from lane to lane.

So, the PIAA is going back and I'm going to order a Wolo Bad Boy and see how that sounds. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a horn? Please keep in mind that I'm not a master mechanic, so it needs to be fairly easy to mount.
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On my Wolo, it said if wires are backwards it wont be loud. But with the electric (not air) ones shouldn't make any difference.
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