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Pipes on Back order!?!

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So my Vance and hines twin slash staggered pipes are on back order until 6-11-12. Do you all feel it is worth waiting for them or maybe ordering the Cobra pipes?

Thanks for the input.
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What about the VH Big Radius? If they're not on B/O you may wanna consider them as well. I have the Big Radius...have heard the Cobra Swepts as well...IMO the Big Radius sounds better.
Do the BR's come in black? I was trying to keep the black theme.
Wyld said:
There is a $200.00 up charge to get them (big radius) in black from L&M which makes them $829.00. I canceled my Twin Slash order and bought the Cobra Swepts. Don't regret the decision at all.
how does the sound compare between the swept and the v&h? I thought the v&h were louder but i could be wrong.
Thanks for the advice/suggestions guys, much appreciated.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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