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**Post here if you want to be nominated for SOTM**

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If you meet the criteria and want a shot at winning Stryker Of The Month post up in this thread. There is no guarantee you will be nominated but at least people will know it's something you want a shot at. I figured just like a show that you have to register to be considered for judging, "registering" in this thread will help the "judges" know who is actually trying to compete...of course you do not have to be in this thread to be nominated.

The criteria are:

•You can not nominate yourself
•Two people must nominate your bike
•Nominees must be a registered member of the site
•Nominees must have pictures of their bike in the gallery
•Only one nomination and second is required to be included for the current month's competition
•1 complete US calendar year must have passed since your last Stryker of the Month win (if applicable)
•There must be a significant change in your bike since the last win (if applicable)

If you win it would be a good idea if you updated your original post within this thread with your win date.

Would the mods mind making this a sticky if they think it's a worthwhile idea?
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I think it is dead my friend. It was difficult to get people nominated and just seemed like work to make it happen every month.
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