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I'll throw my name out there too hehe
I'll 2nd your nomination Alex.
Actually,You are the de facto winner for March!

Doesn't look like they are doing the SOTM anymore.
Man that sucks they should it was fun
It takes 3 bike ( I think) to be nominated. If folks are wanting to start it up again, I'll throw my hat in the ring.
Let's do it! We should all upload pics sat
I was just thinking about this topic the other day, wondering if we'd get enough people to start it back up. I was nominated towards the end of it but didn't win.
Saturday upload pics!
Sorry guys but SOTM is out. We would only get 10 votes or less per month for more than a year

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SOTM was one of the best parts of this forum. There is quite a few people here wonder why the participation fell off. I haven't been around for quite a few months because I changed jobs and my new job does not allow for as much down time. Glad to see you all still on your Strykers!
101 - 120 of 124 Posts
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