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Power Commander V w/ Auto tune - feedback wanted.

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Okay...yet another phone,,,and yet another 1 month delay on the Cobra CVT. Not to take
away from their responsive customer service, but delivery sucks and Northeast riding season
is too short. So, I am giving serious thought to the alternative, and having searched all the
posts would like to get the straight scoop on the PC V w/ Auto Tune from those that have it

Specifically, address these questions - did the O2 sensor fit the stock exhaust bung? did you
order the single or dual channel add on? How much cursing was involved in the install? And
most importantly.....are you happy with the results?

Thanks in advance.
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Kov68 said:
I have the PCV and the autotune, but have yet to install the autotune. The original 02 sensor has to stay in the exhaust for the 02 optimizer included with the PCV (This controls the closed loop section of the map). An additional 02 sensor is included with the Autotune which you will have to weld an additional bung into the exhaust in addition to the existing one. I am going get a new exhaust before I do this mod.
This is not exactly true... The Dynojet PowerCommander V Autotune module uses the existing O2 sensor hole. You replace the stock O2 sensor with a wide band sensor, but you do not use both. They do have a dual channel Autotune module... but it is for bikes that came equipped with 2 O2 sensors. here are the instructions:


Also looked thru the Stryker service manual.. it says the O2 sensor is an M18 thread size...
Kov68 said:
Nope, you will have to use both 02's, I contacted Dynojet tech support to confirm this.
OK... I contacted Dynojet... Rick stated that on the 2011 Yamaha STRYKER you DO NOT use 2 O2 sensors... he said the ONLY instance this would be the case is IF it came with true 2 into 2 pipes that utilize 2 O2 sensors. As far as I know ALL STRYKER aftermarket pipes are 2-1-2 pipes.... anyone know different?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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