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power core

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Has anyone take the power cores ( baffels ) out of the cobra sweep style pipes? if so how do you do it?
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Remove the screws that hold them in and I used a wire hanger to hook the baffles from the inside then pull them right out. You are going to want to run the engine for few minutes to warm and expand the pipes first. I tried it when they were cold and they wouldn't budge.
I cant remember exact location but they are near the end of the pipes and are the only screws that screw directly into the pipes. They are not real big. May have to remove the heat shields to get to them cant remember for sure. I did mine almost a year ago and do not have cobras installed anymore. They were pretty easy to find though.
Louder than most Harley's. I love it. Only found one bike louder and it had custom shorties
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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