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power core

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Has anyone take the power cores ( baffels ) out of the cobra sweep style pipes? if so how do you do it?
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Daywa said:
MC said:
Louder than most Harley's. I love it. Only found one bike louder and it had custom shorties
I am thinking of removing the baffles out of my cobra swepts. Could you notice any effects on performance and could this have any ill effects on the engine, etc?
You be reducing back-pressure so it will affect some performance.
not sure if a toner will. makeup for loss of back pressure
bekohlko said:
Daywa said:
With a tuner and intake added, would this make up the difference or would the performance loss still be noticeable?
I agree that an intake and tuner won't make up for the loss of back pressure at all, but it would more than make up for the loss of power from the reduced back pressure. So if you remove your baffles, but at the same time add an intake and tuner, you would notice a definite increase in power... I think that's what you were asking.
Good explanation. :-[
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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