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Well, I already figure this will be unlikely... or easy. My goal is to sell all my mint spare parts that I no longer need, because I upgraded my bike. The first problem is shipping, because I live in Canada... so doing it part by part would be tough and pointless. I figure I could drive to the US border and ship it all at once, but finding someone who would want or need it... would be almost impossible (I assume). Maybe I can even find someone to sell it for me, in the US (lol).

Either way, my references on ebay and heatware.com are approx 240-0.

I have the stock chrome exhaust, I have the stock seat, I have the stock rear 210 that looks like new, grips, front turn signals, rear turn signals assembly/license plate, rear belt guard, mirrors

Any input as to a total shipped price that would be "enticing" but worth the drive/effort? Any other suggestions like ebay etc? thx again
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