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Proper lighting is absolutely necessary, here's my rendition of an HID upgrade on a Stryker.

Before proper aiming...
Speedometer Light Night Lighting Sky

I retrofitted a Morimoto Mini bixenon projector into an Ebay bucket. I used a 50w bulb & ballast kit. The aftermarket light's reflector was modified and the projector was fitted to it. I used a plug and play H1 harness and the bixenon flapper works as designed with the high beam switch.

I used the HM2 adapter but it doesnt perfectly work with our fork trees, so it is simply bolted to the factory bracket that I modified. I trimmed it, flipped it upside down, TIG welded a place to bolt the HM2 onto, and relocated the temp sensor mount.

The headlight is so bright I am lighting up signs in the daytime. Properly aimed, I am blinding no one due to the laser sharp cutoff. I'm extremely pleased with the performance of my custom lighting system. Any questions on specifics, just ask.

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I've gotten a few PM regarding this mod. Here are specifics:

Shopping list:
- aftermarket headlight $80
you pick your desired bucket, stock one is not deep enough
to fit HID projector, your cost may vary
- 55w HID kit with mini ballast with 6000k bulb $50
if you shop for your own HID kit, you choose between
35w or 55w, and your desired bulb temperature / color
- H1 plug and play harness $15
recommended so that you do not do any permanent wiring
mods to your bike
- Morimoto Mini D2S projector $60
high performance lighting in the smallest package

The parts that require a slight degree of skill and finesse:
- retrofitting Morimoto projector into headlight
- modding plug and play harness for single ballast use
- modding of factory headlight bracket

A project like this can definitely be DIY. Just do a nice job, don't ghetto-rig it, and you can have something that's showroom quality.

Perks: Your bike's wiring is not modified and you'll be able to switch back to a factory H1 bulb and headlight if you ever want to go back to stock.

Caveats: The only permanent mod will be the stock headlight bracket which needs to be cut and welded. An idea would be to buy an extra bracket from Yamaha, but I'm not sure if you can buy the bracket by itself or if it only comes with a new headlight. I'll research that.

Given that not everyone has the ability to make a retrofit work and still have it look nice, I can set some people up with my services if there's enough interest. I'll probably have to do a minimum of 10 to improve the time vs cost.
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