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Question for experienced riders

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I test rode a Stryker today and loved it. I do have a question, though. I haven't ridden since I was a teenager (I'm 50 now) and I've never ridden anything like a Stryker. While I didn't have much trouble handling the bike I did notice that the driveline seemed rough with vibration. Is that just typical of a belt driven motorcycle? Is this what's referred to as driveline lash? I apologize for my ignorance but I'm really curious if this is how the bike is supposed to feel. I appreciate any feedback.
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In addition to the low speed chugging that 11 mentions, I had significant vibration early on that was caused by the new clutch. It was kind of a grating or grinding feeling. Everything wore in pretty quickly and it went away. Could be what you experienced.

Just keep the rpm's up otherwise and you'll be fine.
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