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Questions about riding to San Franciso via PCH

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Anyone ride their Stryker to San Francisco via PCH?

How many stops for gas did you make?

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Hey Rick I guess that depends where you are starting from? But since I know you are in OC this is about 540 miles based on Google Maps. If you filled up at the 120mile mark you will need about 4.5 tanks. Sounds like a fun ride. Have fun and be safe
Cool, thanks :thumb:

I'm thinking of going around October time frame. Hopefully the weather is nice.
I think that is great time to go as far as weather. We hardly every get rain in Oct and SF won't be to wet or cold yet me thinks. Are you doing a solo trip, riding with a group?
I'll be riding solo. I'll be taking my GoPros so I can get some video of the ride up.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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