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Raider Levers on a Stryker?

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Does anyone know if the levers of the Stryker are the same as the Raider? I'm looking to change out my stock levers and looking at all the possibilities and have seen some that say they fit the Raider but make no mention of the Stryker. Are they in fact two different designs?
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Also wanted to add, I've read in my recent troubles about people changing their shift levers and it causing brakes to lock up due to the brake being lightly applied for long periods of time due to geometry differences in the levers. I guess it can cause a slight amount of pressure, and eventually the rotor and pads heat up enough to cause them to lock.

Be careful if you do change them, a front tire lock up will cause the bike to go down within 1 sec, I promise. This I know from experience :)
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